The LAPSSET Corridor Program is Eastern Africa’s largest and most ambitious infrastructure project bringing together Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan. This mega project consists of seven key infrastructure projects starting with a new 32 Berth port at Lamu (Kenya); Interregional Highways from Lamu to Isiolo, Isiolo to Juba (South Sudan), Isiolo to Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), and Lamu to Garsen (Kenya), Crude Oil Pipeline from Lamu to Isiolo, Isiolo to Juba; Product Oil Pipeline from Lamu to Isiolo, Isiolo to Addis Ababa; Interregional Standard Gauge Railway lines from Lamu to Isiolo, Isiolo to Juba, Isiolo to Addis Ababa, and Nairobi to Isiolo; 3 International Airports: one each at Lamu, Isiolo, and Lake Turkana; 3 Resort Cities: one each at Lamu, Isiolo and Lake Turkana; and The multipurpose High Grand Falls Dam along the Tana River.

Lapsset Corridor
Lapsset Corridor


Special Economic Zone

The SEZs in Kenya will be under the Special Economic Zone Act 2015 and will be controlled SEZ Authority as stipulated in the Act. According to the Act, all licensed special economic zone enterprises, special economic developers and operators are to acquire more benefits in terms of exemption from the following:

  • All taxes and duties payable under the Excise Duty Act, the Income Tax Act, East African Community Customs management Act and the Value Added Tax Act, on all special economic zone transactions.
  • Stamp duty on the execution of any instrument relating to the business activities of special economic zone enterprises, developers and operators.
  • The provisions of the Foreign Investments and Protection Act relating to certificate for approved enterprise.
  • The provisions of the Statistics Act
  • The payment of advertisement fees and business service permit fees levied the respective County Governments’ finance Acts
  • General liquor license and hotel liquor license under the Alcoholic Drinks Control Act, 2010
  • Manufacturing license under the Tea Act

Special Economic Zone

Service Center

The service center bases on the principle of government guidance, market-oriented operatiThis is in reference to the special notification of construction on support SMEs participate in ‘One Belt One road initiative’ from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the People’s Republic of China and China Council for the promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), In order to encourage service organizations, business and trade associations set up branches in alongside countries, exploring the pattern to set up ‘China Small and Medium Center’ in development alongside countries providing professional services for enterprises which are willing to invest in alongside countries.

HCC together with our partners including Hunan Hongyuan Institute of Economic and Trade and base on the principal of friendly negotiation, mutual benefit and work together developing for promoting trade corporation between small and medium enterprises especially energy enterprises with Kenya and East Africa Economic Corridor countries. Water and Electricity Energy alliance china international cooperation Association of small and Medium enterprises

HCC joint-interest cooperate and work together to set up a China-Kenya SMEs Service coordinating Center in Kenya.

This is done through;

  1. Establishing a platform to promote Kenya’s investments, trade policies and projects.
  2. Collecting investment and trade information, obtaining approval in Kenya for service center and coordination relations with Kenya.
  3. Organize relevant enterprises to participate in exhibitions and conferences.

Kenya Investment

HCC wants to promote investments in Kenya. We help facilitate the implementation of new investment projects, providing After Care services for new and existing investments, as well as organizing investment promotion activities both locally and internationally.